Life of the Party

Bikini Cutter
Bikini Set by JEM Cutters. 2 pieces, instructions are included. The bikini...
Shoe Tops Cutters
Shoe Tops Cutters JEM. Set contains 4 cutters. Instructions are included....
3-D Yacht Set of 3
Yacht 3D (Set of 3 includes former) by JEM. Sail heights are approximately 4...
Bethlehem Scene cutter
This beautiful Bethlehem Scene by JEM Cutters consists of four cutters: Palm...
Bubble Frieze and Side Scroll Cutters
JEM Bubble Frieze and Side Scroll Cutters. Includes 2 cutters. Scroll...
Mis Tortas
Anemone Cutters Set of 4
Anemone Cutters Set of 4 by JEM Cutters. Largest cutter measures 3 inches...
Lacey Butterflies Set 4
This lacy butterfly cutters by JEM Cutters includes 4 butterfly cutter for...
3-D Deck Chair Set of 3
3-D Deck Chair Set
Christmas Baubles and Bows
Baubles and Bows Christmas Cutters by JEM Cutters are perfect for holiday cakes.
Shoe S/6 Sm.
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